Ron Lieber Round Up

Thanks to the 175+ parents who came to see Ron Lieber speak on November 13th. Ron regaled the audience with witty stories and wise words about the Need-Want continuum, college considerations, the importance of letting your kids know when their family has been helped by others in the past and so much more. Stay tuned. The videotape of Ron’s presentation will be available shortly.

Here are a few parent take aways and photos from the evening’s presentation:


I’ve been concerned about giving my 14 year old pocket money and after Ron’s presentation I will be trying the 3 jar system (not the actual jars of-course). I loved the need want line and will be implementing that as well.

~Violet Mtisi, freshman parent


“Why do you ask?” This was my takeaway from last nights meeting. This will help me engage in a conversation with my children with topics that I am not always comfortable with.

~Yeona Oh, junior parent


I loved how he talked about using money as a tool for teaching. He said we provide our kids textbooks, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc as tools to learn a skill. Providing an allowance is a way to allow kids to learn how to spend, save and donate with lots of opportunities to teach.

~Jennifer Erday, sophomore parent




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