Local Composer Strikes a Note with the Summit Concert Choir

This past year the Summit Concert Choir which has over 100 students from Summit High School had a piece written for them by a local Summit Composer Mark Miller.  Mr. Miller has been working to have the piece professionally published so it will be available to other choirs around the world.  If published, Summit Concert Choir can proudly say that we had the world premiere of the piece on May 23rd, 2017 at Summit High School.

Mr. Miller came in and worked with the choir on multiple occasions and re-wrote the piece adding a cello part to it. He even played with the choir in the spring concert.  The song is entitled “Thanks to the Human Heart” and has 3 separate movements.

The cost of the commission was partly funded by the Summit Music Parents Association and SEF.  Unfortunately, the project was still short 25% of the funds. The PTO was able to respond by tapping its Co-Curricular Fund to bridge the gap.  Innovative learning experiences like this are often promising candidates for PTO teacher grants and assistance.

Mr. Mallette, former director of the choir worked with Mr. Miller on the project.  Mr. Mallette is now at Scotch Plains and the baton has been passed to Mr. Dan King who is now the Director of Choral Activities/AP Music Theory.

Concert Choir is an unauditioned group that performs concert repertoire and is the primary choral ensemble at Summit High School. The group has received numerous Superior ratings at a wide variety of adjudications and clinics.

About Mr. King…  This is Mr. King’s first year at SHS.  He previously taught at LCJSMS for six years.  On a funny side note, Mr. King did not sing in choir until he was a sophomore in high school (a late bloomer!).

Dan King
Director of Choral Activities/AP Music Theory
Summit High School