SHS Athletics

SHS Athletics Websites:
  • Summit High School Athletic Department website:  CLICK HERE
SHS Athletics Forms:

Medical paperwork is required for each season, even if your student’s medical forms already are on-file from a prior season.

You can access the forms from the “SHS Athletics Department” page on the Summit High School website.

New for the 2015-2016 School Year  
As of July 1st, physicians performing athletic physicals must complete a Cardiac Assessment Professional Module. This is required by the Department of Education, and the physician must sign-off on it on the physical form. Be sure your physician has taken this course! Any physical not signed by the physician will be returned and considered incomplete.

Questions?   Email SHS Athletic Trainer Karen Manista or call her directly at 908-273-1494 X5466

SHS PE Exemption/Independent Study Policy

The Summit Board of Education has approved a new PE Exemption / Independent Study policy.  Go to the  SHS Website Forms Page for an information packet, application, and weekly log sheet.

Athletics Calendar of Events

To view the Union County Conference Schedule of Athletic Events for SHS, CLICK HERE.

Please note that the PTO Calendar of events will not contain the dates for athletic events as these dates can change frequently (weather, etc.) and are specifically under the control of the Athletics Department.

If you know how to use the Athletics Calendar, no need to read the explanatory information that follows.

There are two important ways you can use the Union County Conference Schedule of Athletic Events:

1.  To find a specific sport schedule:

  • Find the “View Schedules” box on the right and click on (highlight) your sport of interest
  • Click the “View” button directly underneath
  • You will then see a new window of the scheduled dates for that sport as they are known at the time
  • Please note that you can subscribe to these specific dates you have chosen by clicking on the “Subscribe” button in the upper right hand corner of the window.  Subscribing will put the dates into your personal calendar (you cannot change them, they are read only) but anytime a change occurs to a date or location, it will be reflected in you calendar if you have subscribed.  This is completely optional of course, but can be very useful.  Please note you can also print, email or download the schedule you have chosen as well.
  • To find another sport schedule, close the window of the one you are in and choose a new schedule from the “View Schedules” box.  Repeat steps above as necessary.

2.  To find out what SHS Athletic Events are occurring on a specific day:

  • Find the calendar in the upper right hand corner
  • Click on a specific date
  • The screen will then be updated with any SHS Athletic Event taking place that day
  • Please note there is a subscribe option here as well.  If you click on subscribe, the popup window will explain your options.

You might want to print this page off to practice finding the information you are looking for.